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Sambucivox [userpic]

Great Alphabet Songs!

June 8th, 2009 (09:19 am)

: amused


Sambucivox [userpic]

Scientology and Livejournal

May 19th, 2009 (07:38 pm)
pissed off

: pissed off

If I see another anti-psychiatry add on Livejournal, I will leave.

They had to choose my platform of expression to advertise themselves, how lucky.

Sambucivox [userpic]


August 24th, 2008 (10:36 pm)

: hopeful

Hushabye Mountain

Sambucivox [userpic]


July 3rd, 2008 (05:01 pm)

: bouncy

A sales guy from Fed-Ex came to my office and started working his selling routine on my boss. Unfortunately, he wasn't prepared for a highly-trained, enthusiastic sales man with thirty years of experience. He ended up being used to lower DHL fares.

But, in the meanwhile, he gave us lots of orange antistress balls. We are supposed to scrunch our fist around it whenever we are feeling the pressure.

However, in practical terms, this means that every single employee in this nutcase has munition and isn't afraid to use it. Two balls have already been shot in my direction, from my pod collegues, before we decided to join forces against Logistics. The orange balls are particularly bouncy, so most of the time we can retrieve them after they hit our target, which is kind of cool.

Sambucivox [userpic]


June 16th, 2008 (11:02 pm)

: hungry

Today I made okonomiyaki, which is a batter with Chinese cabbage similar to that of pancakes, with lots of toppings + Hiroshima sauce + mayonnaise thrown on top. It tastes -strangely- a bit like Spanish tortilla, though there wasn't a single potato in my recipe. It is also very filling and delicious, though I'm sure that it will get better when I get to actually control the amount of toppings that a single-okonomiyaki pancake can contain.

Yum yummy yum!

Sambucivox [userpic]

Tom Hagen rocks

June 7th, 2008 (01:47 pm)

: good

Tom Hagen

(You scored 72%!)

The Consigliere - You are analytical, judicious and loyal. You work well making deals as head of the diplomatic, financial and legal end of the business. You also serve the family well as adviser to Don Vito himself!

Which Godfather character are you?

Sambucivox [userpic]

Elemental Avatar

June 2nd, 2008 (08:15 pm)

: geeky

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
My Elemental Myth Me. Cool that there's a Lightning Animation in Meez, huh?

I tag kryssa_girl  to make herself one.

Sambucivox [userpic]

Forgotten birthdays

May 17th, 2008 (05:01 pm)

: giggly

Excerpt from American Gods, by Neil Gaiman:

"It's going to be a white Christmas," said Shadow as he pumped the gas.

"That boy was one lucky son of a virgin."


"Lucky, lucky guy. He could fall in a cesspit and come up smelling like roses. Hell, it's not even his birthday, you know that? He took it from Mithras. You run into Mithras yet? Red cap. Nice kid."

"No, I don't think so."

"Well... I've never seen Mithras around here. He was an army brat. Maybe he's back in the Middle East, taking it easy, but I expect he's probably gone by now. It happens. One day every soldier in the empire has to shower in the blood of your sacrificial bull. The next they don't even remember your birthday."

Sambucivox [userpic]

Book Orgy!!

May 16th, 2008 (08:30 pm)

: My couch for the next 52 hours
: (reading)
play, rewind, repeat: Pages Turning, and some Enya

Went out for lunch. Found a library. Went back to library after work. And BADAM!!! They had every single book that I had been looking for in the last months, at an incredibly cheap price and in the original language!!! HELL YEAH!!

(They even had some books that I had given up on, for they were odd editions that only a few lucky libraries in the world were able to buy, and some books that I had never known I desired so badly till I saw them.)

And as a nice little extra, they had the Minna no Nihongo vol. 1, which I will have to buy for my future Japanese Language exams. Yeeeeeeesss!!!

So here's My List for the next month (ordered by Alphabetical Author):

- Neil Gaiman:

  •  American Gods
  •  The Dream Hunters (a fable, beautifully illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano, in a style that mixes Munch, Schiele, Klimt and Hiroshige.

- Gregory Maguire:
  • Mirror Mirror (they had the entire collection, but I was dying to read this one more than any of the others.)

- George R.R. Martin:

  • A Clash of Kings. In English. In paperback. Hatsune, you have to go to that library.

- Haruki Murakami:

  • Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (finally!!!!!!! a masterpiece in Japanese-English translation skills!!)
  • Dance Dance Dance

- Amélie Nothomb:

  • Robert des noms propres
  • Mercure
  • Attentat
  • Les combustibles

I also got  a Japanese-Spanish dictionary, and I think that today I will order sushi and read until a certain fantasy authoress that has been wearing short shorts for the whole day gets online, neeeh?

But really, this has been an incredible treat after a long, LONG week.

Sambucivox [userpic]

Taste of America

May 4th, 2008 (07:49 pm)

: hungry

Yesterday, while Yaco was walking me around the neighborhood, I discovered a little shop located in a backstreet between the German Institute of Archeology and the Embassy of Russia. In bright red and blue neon letters I read "Taste of America".

So now I'm trying out every product that they have, and trying to convince the owner to order Peanut Butter M&M's.

This discovery, however, has had a side effect. The future intake of calories calls for drastic measures in the battle against couch-potatoness, so I'm joining a gym tomorrow.

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